Prismáticos para Barcos

Prismáticos para Barcos

Tienda Náutica Online en Alicante con envíos a toda España de Prismáticos para Barcos. En Garbino Tienda Náutica Online ofrecemos la mejor calidad en Prismáticos para Barcos. Trabajamos con las mejores marcas y garantizamos la mayor resistencia de los artículos bajo el entorno marino. Dos años de garantía en todos los artículos.

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Prismaticos Nauticos7x50 central focus

Optics 7x50 central focus. Impact and humidity resistant rubber armouring. Ruby lens. Supplied with case, straps and directions for use. Weight 800 g...

109.09€ Sin Iva: 90.16€

Prismaticos Náuticos Waterproof 7x 50

Prismaticos Náuticos Waterproof 7x 50,  regulación manual, totalmente impermeables y con optica Bak-7 en color verde,  para uso nautico,  angulo de campo 120mt, peso 790 gramos..

241.41€ Sin Iva: 199.51€

Prismaticos Nauticos BINOCULAR 7x50

Optics 7x50. Rubber texture armor allowing a firm grip also with gloves and providing protection from shocks. Central eye focus. Great brightness and non reflection lens. Complete with case, straps and directions for use. Weight 750 g...

96.38€ Sin Iva: 79.65€

Prismaticos Náuticos Autofocus 7 x 50

Prismaticos Náuticos Autofocus 7 x 50, totalmente impermeables y con optica Bak-7,  para uso nautico, regulación automatica (autofocus) angulo de campo 120mt, peso 790 gramos..

66.58€ Sin Iva: 55.03€

Prismaticos Nauticos 7x50 Waterproof BAK-4

Optic 7x50. Waterproof also dipped in water, impact resistant rubber armouring, nitrogen draining, dioptre adjustment ring, multi treatment optics (BAK-4), built-in compass with illumination, supplied with case, straps and directions for use. Weight 1100 g...

448.70€ Sin Iva: 370.83€

Prismaticos marinos 7x50 Waterproof

Optics 7x50. Waterproof, central eye focus, impact and humidityresistant rubber armouring, nitrogen draining, ruby multi treatment lens. Supplied with case, straps and directions for use. Weight 1100 g...

233.08€ Sin Iva: 192.63€

Monocular Marino KONUSPY-4 VGA CMOS sensor

KONUSPY-4 is a digital night vision device with ergonomic body, compact, lightweight and functional with digital technology and no optoelectronics for this reason the life of the instrument, the facility of use and reliability are infinitely superior. Lets see, with the built-in IR illuminator even in complete darkness, both outdoors and ndoors. Requires 4 AA Lithium batteries (not included). Zoom 3x-6x, mm lens diameter. 20, VGA CMOS sensor, max. 200. Weight gr. 600..

773.67€ Sin Iva: 639.40€

Funda de proteccion PVC para prismaticos

Protection case for 7x50 binoculars made in soft PVC. Can be wall mount...

54.04€ Sin Iva: 44.66€